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Online Account Fees

An affordable alternative

Whether you’re putting money in to your account, depositing to a merchant account, transferring funds to an individual, or taking your money out with one of our withdrawal options, NETELLER strives to offer low-cost options that let you move your money without breaking the bank.

Money in

You can’t use your NETELLER Account if there’s no money in it. With a wide variety of options for funding your account depending on your country of residence, there’s always an option that’s right for you.

To view a list of the options available within your region, simply sign in to your NETELLER Account.


*Effective 10 September 2015, Bitcoin deposit fee changes to 5.0%


Money out

Getting money out of your NETELLER Account is fast, simple and secure. We offer a wide variety of withdrawal options, depending on your country of residence.

To view a list of the options available within your region, simply sign in to your NETELLER Account.



Please note that in order to take money out of your NETELLER Account using a withdrawal, you’ll need to verify your personal information with us. For more information on verifying your NETELLER Account, click here.

Money Transfer

Best price

With no transfer fees for the receiver and all transaction fees waived for the sender, you can get and send money for free with Money Transfer.

Foreign Exchange

If your receiver’s NETELLER Account currency is different than the currency you are sending, they will pay a foreign exchange fee of 2.95% upon receipt of the Money Transfer.

Net+ cards

Net+ Prepaid MasterCards® are among the best-priced prepaid cards on the market, with no annual, monthly or dormancy fees. Net+ Prepaid MasterCards® users can also withdraw up to 3,300 USD (or equivalent) from ATMs.

What are the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® fees?

Shipping and Handling (plastic card)81310138575141300
Point of Sale (POS)freefreefreefreefreefreefreefree
ATM charge per withdrawal364640306650
Foreign Exchange (at ATM or POS)2.95%2.95%2.95%2.95%2.95%2.95%2.95%2.95%
Card cancellation and replacement81310138575141300
Extra virtual card232.5320173300
Virtual gift card purchase232.5320173300
Virtual gift card monthly fee11.511.5108.51.5150

All card charges/fees will be converted to and charged in the currency of your NETELLER Account. Fee/charges will be drawn directly from your NETELLER Account.

Shipping and handling fees apply to plastic cards only.

The first virtual card is issued free of charge. A fee is charged each time a new virtual card is generated.

The virtual gift card monthly fee takes effect after 90 days and is applied to the gift card balance on the 15th of each month.

Foreign exchange (FX) fees charged on the Net+ card

1. If your Net+ card is in a different currency than your NETELLER Account, you will be charged the NETELLER FX fee of 2.95% for each Net+ transaction.
2. If you perform a Net+ transaction in a currency different from your Net+ card, you will be charged the Net+ FX fee of 2.95%.
3. If your NETELLER Account is in a different currency from your Net+ card, and you use your card to make transactions in a different currency again, you may be charged both FX fees, as the currency will be converted twice.
4. To save money on FX fees when using the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, we recommend that you choose the currency you use most for your ATM and POS transactions if it is available or the currency of your NETELLER Account if your ATM and POS currency is not available.

Foreign Exchange

NETELLER transactions

For all transactions involving currency conversion, NETELLER adds 2.95% to the average daily interbank market rate* published by a third-party foreign currency data provider. NETELLER retains this amount as a foreign exchange processing fee to protect against exchange rate fluctuations.

Lower exchange rates for VIP members

VIP members pay as little as 1.25% in foreign exchange fees. For more information, take a look at a summary of all the VIP benefits on our VIP Page.

*The Argentinian Peso foreign exchange rate is a fixed daily rate set by NETELLER. This rate will be shown at the time of your transaction, and in the member calculator.

Inactive administration fee

If you don’t use your NETELLER Account for 14 months and retain a balance in your account, you will be charged an administrative fee.

To avoid being charged this fee, simply sign in to your account and make a transaction. Any type of transaction will do. You can deposit, transfer to a friend, transfer to or from another website, or simply withdraw your remaining funds.

For more information on our inactive administration fee, please refer to our FAQs.