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Online Payments

NETELLER’s Online Payment Gateway

NETELLER’s online spending account is designed to make secure payments easy on sites where debit and credit cards may not work.

You can use NETELLER on thousands of sites to pay for purchases quickly and securely or make safe money transfers . Completing a money transfer to a website online is very simple.

  1. Sign up for an online account
  2. Complete a quick and safe money transfer into your account
  3. Deposit to your favourite sites

Transferring Money to Sites

Make online payments instantly and free

We understand that instant is the only acceptable timeframe when it comes to transferring money to your favourite site. That’s why we offer a service that allows you to make online payments instantly using your account, and for free.

Card declined?

A lot of our customers arrive at NETELLER after their debit or credit cards are declined on a website. Thankfully, NETELLER gives you an alternative way to make online payments, so you can get your money where you want it – when you want it.

Secure payment systems

We respect the privacy of our customers and we have a large array of secure payment systems to make sure your payments remain private. 128-bit encryption technology, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring are just a handful of the systems we have in place to ensure our customers can make or receive secure online payments.

Great for cashing out

NETELLER is a fantastic way to cash out. Many sites often require a period of time to transfer when you want to withdraw money online and bank processing times can make this even longer. On top of being the best way to deposit to sites, you can save time and money by cashing out directly to your account.

Shop online safely

Shop with your online account

We understand the need for safe shopping online, that’s why more and more sites are offering NETELLER for fast and secure online purchases. Just keep a look out for our logo on the checkout page to use your account when shopping online.

A personal spending account

One of the problems with debit and credit cards is that they’re frequently associated with your bank account. By signing up for an online account and keeping your personal money with NETELLER, you’ll never spend your savings.

Your money’s safe with us

NETELLER are proud to be a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised company, we hold more than 100% of your account balance in trust accounts, which means your money is always there when you need it.

Safer than credit cards

When you shop online with a credit card, there’s always a risk of your personal information getting stolen. Secure online shopping with NETELLER eliminates that risk.