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Cost: 5-7%
Speed: Instant

Ukash is a popular voucher-based payment option that can be used to instantly put money in to your NETELLER Account.

Ukash vouchers can be bought online or in licensed local shops using cash or other forms of credit. There are thousands of places in Europe and around the world where you can buy Ukash vouchers.

It’s easy to make an instant deposit in to your NETELLER Account using Ukash.

1. Purchase a Ukash voucher
2. Sign in to your NETELLER Account to initiate a Ukash deposit
3. You will be prompted to enter the 19 digit number on the Ukash voucher, along with your deposit details
4. Once the Ukash deposit is complete, your money will be instantly deducted from your voucher and will be available in your NETELLER Account

Note: Ukash may charge a fee for purchasing vouchers.

For more detailed information on making a Ukash deposit, please refer to our FAQs.