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About the Net+® Prepaid Card

What it is

A prepaid card works just like a credit card, with one big difference: You can only spend the money that you’ve loaded on your card.

Net+® Prepaid Card

The Net+ Prepaid Card looks, acts and functions like a traditional debit or credit card. It is a plastic card that employs PIN technology to increase your security and allows you to make withdrawals at ATMs and purchases at POS (Point of Sale) locations that accept Dis.


Shop securely

Featuring PIN technology, 128-bit encryption, identity verification and transaction monitoring, Net+ cards ensure that wherever you shop, your purchases and privacy are always secure.

Instant cash withdrawals

A Net+ Prepaid Card can be a great way to instantly access the funds at ATMs worldwide.

Low-Cost Prepaid Card

With no annual or monthly fees, the Net+ Prepaid Card is one of the best-priced prepaid cards on the market.

No interest charges

Because it’s a reloadable prepaid card, you’ll never pay interest, overdraft or late payment fees when you use your Net+ card.

Accepted everywhere

You can use your Net+ card to pay for items on millions of retail point-of-sale locations worldwide or online anywhere Discover card is accepted.

Pay as you go

Net+ cards only let you spend the money in your account, so there’s no risk of accumulating debt and no credit checks required to get a card.

Easy to load

All you have to do is deposit money using any of our great deposit options. To see a list of deposit options available in your country, visit our fees page.


To see a summary of Net+® Preaid Card fees, click below.
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All card charges/fees will be converted to and charged in the currency of your Net+ Prepaid Card. Fee/charges will be drawn directly from your Net+ Prepaid Card account.

Foreign exchange (FX) fees charged on the Net+ card

If you perform a Net+ transaction in a currency different from your Net+ card, you will be charged the Net+ FX fee of 2.95%.