How to verify my account and increase my limits?

Once you've started using your NETELLER account, you'll have the option to verify your identity by uploading a valid and readable photo of your ID. We'll also ask you to verify your address and take a selfie.

Note: We'll do our best to quickly review and accept your documents, regardless of the language they're in.

Depending on the available options for your country, you may be able to directly start the verification process via section Settings > Verification, or may be asked to fund your account first by making a deposit or receiving a payment.

You will then be taken to the Verify your Account page, where all remaining verification steps will be displayed.

Verify ID

Here you'll see two options allowing you complete the ID verification:

  1. Download our Mobile App – this is the fastest option allowing you to download our app and use your phone camera to take photos and upload them to our secure verification system. You can download the NETELLER application (Apple App Store/Google Play Store) and use your smartphone camera to easily complete this step. Use this option if you don't have a webcam.
  2. Take and upload webcam photos – this is a fast option allowing you to use your webcam to capture images of the front and back of your ID, and then take a picture of your face (selfie). You may also upload images of your ID, if the webcam ones are with low quality.


You will then be asked to use your webcam to capture images of your document, and then take a picture of your face (selfie).


After you've submitted your documents and taken a selfie, the Verify ID step will be 'In Review'. You will then receive a success message and can continue to any remaining verification steps.

Verify Address

If you haven't yet shared your browser location, you will be prompted to do so to verify your address. Our system automatically checks whether you're located at the same place as your registered address. If the check is unsuccessful, you'll need to upload a proof of address instead.

Note: The geolocation service is available for selected countries only. If your country is not supported, we'll give you the chance to manually upload an address verification document.



On the summary page you'll see that certain steps have been completed and that the submitted documents are being reviewed. The timeframe for processing your documents will also be shown there.

Once the process is completed, you'll receive an email confirmation.

Note: To ensure the security of all transactions done via NETELLER, we may later ask you to upload supporting documents to verify details, such as:

  • An image of you holding your ID document next to your face
  • Credit/debit card statement
  • Bank statement

If needed, you will be prompted to securely upload specific documentation from your account.

We use a third-party supplier to verify your identity and prevent financial crime. Biometric data is generated momentarily to compare your photos and is then deleted immediately. NETELLER does not collect or store such data.

The images you see are for illustration purposes only and may differ from what is shown in your account.

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