Why do you require additional verification?

We may ask you to provide additional documentation even after you’ve completed the initial verification process in the following cases:

  • Some merchants require additional video verification to confirm their customers’ details registered with NETELLER. In such cases, you’ll be prompted to complete the verification from section Settings > Verification & features in your NETELLER account.

  • If there’s a mismatch between some of the details you registered in your account and those visible on the documents used for your initial verification;

  • If we have reason to believe that you’re a politically exposed person, have affiliations with sanctioned countries, or any other instances where NETELLER as a regulated financial institution must comply with requirements to further verify your data.

Whenever we require such additional verification, you’ll be informed either via email or via a banner visible within your NETELLER account. 

Apart from the video verification required for some online payments, you would usually be asked to submit one or more of the following documents (the list is not exhaustive):

  • An image of you holding your ID document next to your face;

  • Credit/debit card statement;

  • Bank statement;

  • Any documents proving your source of wealth.

Check out the related articles below to find out more about video verification and our document requirements.

Note: As part of regulatory requirements, we may also ask you to provide additional information about yourself, such as your nationality and occupation.

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