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Automated Net+ card renewal

To ease customers, NETELLER has implemented an automated card renewal process. Cards issued from June 2019 are due to be renewed during the expiration month and year written on them free of charge.

Am I eligible for an automated Net+ card renewal?

We notify all eligible users two months in advance via e-mail or push notification. We`ll automatically renew your card if:

  • You hold an active NETELLER account when the card renewal is due.
  • Your NETELLER account balance is not below zero.
  • You hold an operational Net+ card due to expire this year.
  • You have covered the Net+ card annual fees for all previous years.

Can I receive my renewal Net+ card at a new address?

To receive your card at a new address, log in via a web browser, visit the section Settings > Personal details via your web browser and edit your address. Ensure you update your address before we dispatch your card for delivery, otherwise, it will be sent to your current account address.

When will I receive my renewal Net+ card?

We`ll dispatch your new card for delivery on the 2nd of your existing card’s expiry month. For example, if your current card expires on September 31st, 2023, we`ll send your renewal card on the 2nd of September 2023. The renewal card is sent via regular postal service with a delivery timeframe of 15 business days. Once we dispatch your card for delivery, we`ll send a confirmation to your registered e-mail address.

What should I do if I don`t receive my renewal card on time?

If you haven`t received your card on time, visit the Net+ Card section and click the ‘I haven`t received my card’ button. 

How do I activate my renewal Net+ card?

To activate your renewal card, visit the section Net+ Card > Physical Card > Activate. You would need to confirm the last 4 digits of the card number, its 3-digit CVV, and your date of birth (in format DD/MM/YYYY). After that, you should set up your new 4-digit card PIN. Perform an ATM withdrawal as a first payment to validate your PIN.

Do I have to enroll my renewal card to Apple Pay or Google Pay again?

If your existing Net+ card is enrolled in Apple Pay or Google Pay, you won`t have to enroll your renewal card. As soon as your renewal card is activated, the digital tokens associated with the expired card should continue to work for your new card. If renewal is not sent, all digital tokens will be deleted as soon as your existing card expires.

A digital token is the virtual number generated for each card enrolled with a mobile wallet, usually Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Can I opt out of card renewal?

To opt-out of card renewal visit the section Net+ Card > Physical card > Decline card renewal. You can unsubscribe as early as three months before your card expires. If a new card has already been dispatched for your account, you won`t be able to cancel the card renewal.

Can I get a digital copy of my renewal Net+ card’s details to use if the delivery gets delayed? 

As of 30th November 2022 for Bulgaria and 7th December 2022 for other authorized EEA countries and the UK, once a new application for a Net+ Prepaid Physical Card is made, a digital copy of the card’s details (expiry date, CVV, card number) becomes available in the account and can be used right away for online and mobile wallet payments (POS and ATM) while the physical card is being delivered.  

Note: This feature is not available for automated card renewals.   

If your Net+ card is pending renewal but you wish to get a digital copy of the new card’s details once issued, you can opt out of the automated card renewal and wait for your existing Net+ card to expire or cancel it. Then, you can order a new Net+ card via the section Net+ card > Physical card. This way a digital copy of the card’s details will be made available to you instantly once you complete your new card application. Note that an application fee will be charged as opposed to the automated card renewal which is free of charge.  

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