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Why did my Net+ card payment fail?

Your Net+ card payment may have been rejected due to a variety of reasons. Enabling transactional notifications allows you to instantly receive information on any declined, or successful transactions and other account-related activity in real-time. To enable transactional notifications, open the NETELLER App and visit section Profile > turn on notifications or log in via the NETELLER website and go to Settings > Notifications > Enable Prepaid transactional emails/enable prepaid transactional push notifications.

Below we`ve listed the most common Net+ card payment failure reasons.

General card payment mistakes:

  • You`ve entered incorrect card details such as Your 16-digit card number, CVV, or card expiration date. If you are using your virtual Net+ card, check your card details by selecting the 'Show card details' option in Net+ Card section. 
  • Your balance is not enough to cover the payment. Your card is linked to your primary NETELLER account currency. Check if you have sufficient funds in your primary balance. Your available balance excludes pending Net+ card transactions. 
  • You`ve exceeded your PIN attempts. If you`ve entered your Net+ card PIN incorrectly 3 consecutive times, it might have been blocked. Contact us if your payments keep failing after entering a valid PIN. To check your card PIN, visit the Net+ card section and click Show card PIN. 
  • Your NETELLER account or Net+ card has been locked. You can check your account status by visiting your NETELLER account`s Dashboard section. To check your card’s status, visit the Net+ Card section. If locked, you will see an Unlock button.
  • You`ve reached your daily/weekly or monthly card limit. To check your limits visit the section Net+ Card.
  • You`ve exceeded the contactless payment limit. Once you reach it, you will be asked to perform a chip and PIN payment. The contactless limits are as follows: Single payment < 50 EUR, cumulatively < 150 EUR, or < 5 transactions.
  • You`ve exceeded your CVV code attempts. Entering your CVV code incorrectly 3 consecutive times will block your card for 24 hours for online and mobile payments.

Restricted payments

  • Your Net+ card cannot be used for transactions related to online or offline gambling activities, such as physical casinos, betting shops, etc.
  • Purchases with cashback, where you receive an amount back in cash over the counter.
  • Manually keyed-in transactions, where the cashier enters your card details manually and attempts to charge your card for payment such as mail/phone orders or car rentals. Your card PIN should be read by tapping the card or inserting the card at the POS terminal and performing a chip and PIN payment.

3D Secure verification issues

When paying online, you might be asked to verify your payment using a one-time code sent via SMS, or via push notification sent from the NETELLER mobile app. To successfully confirm such a transaction, you should:

  1. Have a verified mobile number in your NETLLER account.
  2. Download the NETELLER app and enable push notifications. Learn more by reading ‘How secure is my Net+ card?’. 

Technical problems

There might have been some connectivity issues between us and the merchant. Try deleting your card details from their website, troubleshooting your browser, and making the payment again.

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