Can I cancel a Money Transfer transaction?

NETELLER Money Transfers are instant and once received, they are irreversible. In some cases, however, you could still cancel a NETELLER Money Transfer if it's still pending, when:

  • you entered an invalid recipient's email address or phone number.
  • the recipient doesn’t have a NETELLER account yet. In this case, they will receive an e-mail invitation to register within 14 days and get the money.
  • the recipient’s account is restricted, e.g. due to exceeded transaction limits, etc.

To cancel, simply select the pending transaction and click Cancel

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Once the transaction is canceled, the funds will return to your available balance right away.  

I was scammed. How can I cancel my transaction?

If a transaction has already been processed, it can't be canceled or returned/reversed. Contact the recipient to negotiate the case.

As NETELLER Money Transfers are final and irreversible, make sure that you send funds to people you know and trust!

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