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PAYSAFE Privacy Notice

The purpose of this document (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) is to inform you (“you” or “client”) of how Paysafe Japan K.K. (hereinafter referred to as "Paysafe Japan" or “the Company”) manages Personal Information (as hereinafter defined in “2. Collection and Use of Personal Information”) of clients in connection with the Company’s payment processing services for fund transfer business and all its other services offered by Paysafe Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”).

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

When handling Personal Information, Paysafe Japan complies with the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Paysafe Japan may have occasion to collect and use the following kinds of Personal Information for the purposes set forth in "3. Purposes for Use of Personal Information".

  • name, address, gender, date of birth, name of company or organization, position, telephone number, email address, information of bank account, transaction purposes, information concerning official certificate such as driver’s license/residence certificate, income and/or other personal information that is required to provide the Services and may directly identify the identity of the clients
  • Individual Number and Specific Personal Information (“Specific Personal Information etc.”)
  • Personal Information otherwise required for Paysafe Japan to perform its services

Telephone calls and other communications with clients will be recorded for the purposes of improving the services provided by Paysafe Japan and protecting security.  By communicating with Paysafe Japan, clients will be deemed to have agreed to these recordings without further notice or warning.

Unless otherwise provided for in the Personal Information Protection Act and its relevant guidelines, sensitive information will not be gathered without the consent of the individual identified by the sensitive information.

Purposes for Use of Personal Information

Paysafe Japan uses collected Personal Information to the extent necessary for achievement of the following purposes and does not use the same for any other purpose.

  • to register client information relevant to the Services and to open a Neteller account;   
  • to implement transactions for the purchase of products/services by clients using the Services;
  • to ensure that clients can use the Services without disruption;
  • to conduct identity verification of a client and other relevant confirmation in accordance with the Act for Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other relevant laws and regulations;
  • to process claims when paid services are used;
  • to conduct identity verification of a client when the client uses the Services and makes an inquiry;
  • to respond to inquiries from a client and to provide other customer support services;
  • to analyse Service usage;
  • to prevent misappropriation of the service;
  • to provide information such as e-mail newsletters to clients;
  • to conduct research and analysis through the use of questionnaires;
  • to provide information regarding new services of the Company;
  • to notify and contact users about Services as necessary;
  • to carry out any ancillary business of the Company;
  • or as otherwise permitted by law or regulation.

Furthermore, Paysafe Japan will use other information, including Specific Personal Information etc., only within the scope of purposes described below in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure.

  • to conduct identity verification in accordance with the Act on Submission of Statement of Overseas Wire Transfers for Purpose of Securing Proper Domestic Taxation.

Notification/Public Announcement/Explicit Indication of Purpose of Use upon the Acquisition of Personal Information

When acquiring Personal Information, Paysafe Japan will publicly announce the purpose of use of the Personal Information when using Paysafe Japan's website or otherwise (please see 3. above) in advance, and when directly receiving Personal Information entered by the individual on Paysafe Japan's website or documents, etc., Paysafe Japan will explicitly indicate the purpose of use of Personal Information in advance.  However, if the purpose of use is obvious in consideration of the circumstances of the acquisition or is otherwise required by laws or regulations, Paysafe Japan may omit the explicit indication of the purpose of use.

Control of Personal Data and Maintenance of Accuracy, etc.

Paysafe Japan strives to maintain Personal Data accurately and with the most up-to-date content.  Internal regulations have been established for the purpose of preventing the leakage of, loss of, or damage to Personal Data, and through periodic review and amendment of such regulations an appropriate system is in place and strict security measures have been implemented.

Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

With the exception of the following situations, Paysafe Japan does not provide Personal Data to third parties.

  • in the event of the prior consent of the individual
  • if required by laws or regulations
  • if necessary for the transfer, sale or purchase of any Paysafe company or affiliate
  • if required for protection of life, body or property but it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual
  • if explicitly required for improvement of public health or advancement of children where it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual
  • if necessary to cooperate with national organisations, local authorities or duly authorised persons in order to respond to the implementation of matters required by laws or regulations and there is a risk that obtaining the consent of the individual would obstruct the performance of such matters
  • in the case of Joint Use set forth in "7. Joint Use of Personal Data"
  • in the event of entrusting third parties with handling of Personal Data in whole or in part to the extent necessary for achievement of the purposes for use
  • if provision is otherwise approved by the Personal Information Protection Act

Furthermore, unless provided otherwise in the relevant laws and regulations, Paysafe Japan will not provide Specific Personal Information etc. to third parties regardless of the above.

Joint Use of Personal Data

Paysafe Japan will jointly use the Personal Data mentioned in item (2) below, within the limits not in violation of laws and regulations, with the parties mentioned in the item 1 below (hereinafter referred to as the "Joint User") in accordance with Article 23, Paragraph 5, Item 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

(1)      The Scope of Joint User

          Paysafe Japan and Paysafe Japan’s group companies set out in home page of Paysafe Group  at Regulatory Disclosures page. Please see this link

(2)      Personal Data to be Jointly Used by Joint User

          Details of the Personal Data to be jointly used are the same as described in 2. above.

(3)      Intended Purpose of Joint Usage by the Joint User

          Purpose of the joint usage is the same as described in 3. above.

(4)      Name of the Party Responsible for the Personal Data which will be Used Jointly

           Paysafe Japan

Furthermore, Paysafe Japan will not jointly use Specific Personal Information etc., regardless of the above. 

Requests for Disclosure, Amendment etc. of Personal Data in Possession

Paysafe Japan may accept requests for disclosure and amendment etc. concerning Personal Data in the Possession of Paysafe Japan from persons designated in such Personal Information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. For further details, please submit enquiries to the contact email provided below.


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Changes in this Privacy Policy

Paysafe Japan may, for the purpose of meeting its regulatory requirements around the secure control of Personal Information, may periodically review and amend this Privacy Policy.  In the event of significant changes, Paysafe Japan will provide notice in an accessible manner on the website home page.

Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

If the client has any questions about this Privacy Policy or complaints, requests for access and/or data correction requests or comments on the handling of Personal Information, they can contact us via


Effective Date: 09/01, 2017


Paysafe Japan K.K.