How can I get a Net+ Virtual Mastercard®? (Brazil)

This article specifically applies for the Net+ Virtual Mastercard® offered in Brazil. For inquiries regarding the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® offered in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK, please refer to the appropriate section.

To apply for a Net+ Virtual Mastercard® you need to have a fully verified NETELLER account and a positive account balance.

Application itself is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your NETLLER account.
  2. Go to the Net+ Card section and press on Get your card.
  3. Enter the requested personal and billing address details and press Continue.
  4. Review the displayed details, accept the Terms & Conditions and press Confirm.

Are there any fees?

The application for a Net+ Virtual Mastercard® is completely free of charge. For detailed information regarding card fees, please visit our dedicated page.

How long does the card application review take?

Card application review can take up to 24 hours. During this time, we will validate the personal and address details you provided against national databases. Please ensure that the information you submit is accurate and up to date. You will receive an email when the review is completed.

If you had a previous Net+ Virtual Mastercard®, subsequent applications will be processed instantly. This means that you won’t need to provide your personal and billing address details again. Your new virtual card will be created and activated immediately upon ordering.

What can the application outcomes be?

  • Approved - A Net+ Virtual Mastercard® will be created in your NETELLER account. You can easily access its 16-digit card number, CVV, and expiry date from the Net+ Card section and start making payments right away.
  • Declined – Please review the list of possible decline reasons below. If needed, contact our support team for assistance. You can retry the card application at no additional cost.

Possible reasons for a failed card application include:

  • Temporary connectivity issue - Try clearing cache, cookies, and browser history before reattempting your application.
  • Invalid name or birth date – Please make sure that your full name and date of birth in your NETELLER account match those on your national identity document.
  • Invalid CPF - Ensure that the CPF you provide is complete and correct. Note that it should be written in format ‘XXX.XXX.XXX-XX’ (e.g., 123.456.789-10).
  • Incorrect mother’s name – If your mother has changed her name due to marriage, divorce, or for any other reason, please make sure to enter her current full name as per her most recently issued valid identity document. Also, note that the name must include at least two words (e.g., Jane Doe).
  • Invalid address (ZIP code, neighborhood, street name and number) - Update the details in your NETELLER account so they match entirely the address written on your national ID or address verification document. Simply log in from a web browser and visit the section Settings > Personal Details.
  • Invalid phone number – Your registered phone number must be a Brazilian number starting with the country code ‘+55’ and should not exceed 13 digits. You can review and update it by logging in from a web browser and going to the section Settings > Personal Details.

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