What is your Privacy Policy?

Which details of mine do you keep in your records?

We receive and store information about you from both information you provide us, such as: your name, date of birth, email address; Information relating to your transactions; and information we receive and store whenever you interact with NETELLER; for example by way of “cookies” or similar technologies if you communicate with us electronically. We may also obtain information from third parties, particularly in relation to any anti-fraud or other ‘know your customer’ regulatory requirements.  Full details as to what we collect and how we collect and use your information can be found in our comprehensive privacy notice.

Why do you need my documents?

NETELLER will only hold or process your personal data as allowed by law. Different data items can have different retention periods, but we will hold your information where we have a justifiable business need to do so, or an overriding obligation in law to hold it for a particular period.

In general, your account details, including name and address, will be held for 7 years following account closure; and any transaction records, for 7 years from the transaction date. This time period allows us to meet our legal and regulatory obligations and also in the event of any legal claims, as the transaction data evidences the record of transactions on the account. The wider account information also assists in demonstrating to regulators or other authorities that we have carried out any necessary legal ‘due diligence’, including ‘know your customer’ identity verification. But we are happy to consider any specific requests to delete non-essential data.

We may also use your data for marketing purposes once your account is closed, unless you tell us not to do so. Further details regarding our data use can be found in our comprehensive privacy notice.

How do you protect my documents and information?

We have implemented both technical, physical and organisational measures designed to secure your personal information from accidental loss and from unauthorised access, use, alteration and disclosure, including measures to minimize the risk of cyber attacks. Further information is available in our comprehensive privacy notice.

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