How can I upload my verification documents?

At NETELLER, we use third-party suppliers to verify your identity and prevent financial crime. Document upload is a fast and easy automated process that helps you go through our verification procedure. 

We use external company software, specialized in reading and authenticating documents. During the verification process, biometric data is generated momentarily to compare your photos and is then deleted immediately. 

Before you begin, you'll need:

  • your government-issued ID and/or a proof of address at hand;
  • a computer equipped with a webcam or a mobile phone with a camera;
  • to enable the pop-up windows on your browser.

How long does it take to upload my documents?

The process is automatic and usually takes only a few minutes. However, if the system can't authenticate your document, it will be sent for manual review, which may take 24-72 hours, depending on the current workload. You'll see the approximate processing time as soon as you've uploaded your documents.

Keep in mind that in case your documents don't meet our requirements, our verification team may ask you to upload additional or alternative documents.

Note: We'll do our best to quickly review and accept your documents, regardless of the language they're in.

How do I upload my documents?

When verifying your account, you'll be prompted to verify your ID by uploading a document via webcam. Clicking on Upload will prompt you to enable your webcam or download the NETELLER mobile app to match your face to your ID.

Clicking on Verify Now will direct the you to our document upload tool. You'll be asked to select the type of verification document you'll use, enable webcam sharing on your browser, and take an image of the document and then take a selfie. Depending on your ID, you may need to upload both sides.

Sometimes you may also be asked to upload a proof of your address - you can either scan the document with your phone via the mobile app or take a picture with your webcam.

I don't have these documents. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we can't verify an account unless we receive a valid government-issued photo ID. If you don't have one, check with your local authorities how to apply for a new ID. Once you obtain it, you can start the verification process.

I can't upload my documents for some reason. What should I do?

If you've tried to upload your documents but your attempts have been unsuccessful, perform a standard troubleshooting. In case this doesn't help, contact us via the available channel below and describe any error messages you see and include a screenshot, when possible.

Note: Your verification documents contain highly sensitive data, thus we accept only documents uploaded directly in your account. We won't review or accept documents sent via email, unless otherwise specified.

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