I need to complete additional verification to pay online. What should I do?

NETELLER makes paying online on thousands of sites quick and easy. However, some merchants may ask you to complete additional verification of your identity with a live webcam to allow transfers to their sites, even if you have already verified your NETELLER account and increased your limits. 

When you're checking out on a merchant website and additional verification is required, you'll be asked to log into your NETELLER account via a web browser. You'll be taken to section Settings > Verification & features > Additional verification (available only via a web browser). We'll ask you to upload an image of your identity verification document (front and back), as well as to take a live selfie with your webcam. You'll also have the option to complete the process from your mobile device by clicking on Continue to mobile.

Please read our related article below to find out all requirements for identity verification documents.

To verify successfully, make sure that:

  • you have enabled webcam sharing in your browser and disabled the pop-up blocker, when verifying via a web browser;
  • you use a stable and fast internet connection;
  • you start the process in a bright environment and use a device with a good camera;

How long does it take?

Verifying your identity with a live webcam is usually instant, but it may take us up to several hours to manually review your images if their quality is not very good. You'll be able to see the progress within the Settings > Verification & features section.

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