Why have I received an email from ‘Member Verification’?

NETELLER, like all financial services companies, is subject to regulations which are designed to protect our customers and our business. 

We have an obligation to prove that any funds used by our customers have been acquired by legitimate means.

If you have received an email from the Member Verification team (memberverifications@paysafe.com), you may have been asked to provide us with evidence that confirms the source(s) of your financial income, or answer some questions regarding your transactional activity.

To provide the requested details, simply reply to the e-mail you received from our Member Verification team within the specified timeframe.

Verification is mandatory as NETELLER is obligated to be compliant with regulatory requirements. Account restrictions and/or administration fees may be applied if the requested information is not provided within the specified timeframes.

Note: NETELLER will never contact you to ask for your login details, such as account password or Secure ID. We will never ask you to enter your credentials unless you are on our login page.

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