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How long does it take to receive money? 

Receiving money through NETELLER is usually both instant and free of charge*.

You will receive funds sent by friends or relatives right away. Make sure you have provided the sender with the correct and up-to-date e-mail address registered with your NETELLER account.

Transfers from most merchant sites take no time at all. However, have in mind that some merchants may apply a fee or take longer to process their payments. The best way to know when exactly you'll receive the money is to check directly with the merchant.

Make sure that the email address you have provided to the merchant is the same as the one you have registered to your NETELLER account.

Receiving money from another NETELLER member

If you still don't see your transfer, you should first confirm with the sender whether the payment has been completed on their side. If it has, check the following:

  • whether the email or phone number used for the transaction was incorrect. Due to privacy and security reasons, we won't be able to give you any specific details, so the best way to verify this is to ask the sender directly. In case of a typo in the provided email or phone number, the sender can cancel the transaction and make a new one.
  • whether you have verified your phone number, in case the money has been sent to it. You can only receive money to a verified phone number.

If you've completed all steps but still didn't receive the money, ask the sender for the NETELLER transaction ID and contact us via one of the channels below.

Receiving money from a merchant

If you're expecting a payment from a merchant using NETELLER, please remember that individual merchants apply different timeframes depending on their own policy. Contact the merchant and double-check the conditions under which the payment is made. You should also check whether:

  • the money was sent to the same email address you registered in your NETELLER account. If not, add it to your list of emails. 
  • the merchant's timeframe for sending your payment has passed. If not, check with the merchant and wait for some more time.

If the timeframe has already passed but you still haven't received the money, ask the merchant for the NETELLER transaction ID and get in touch with us by clicking on the available contact channel below.

*Currency conversion fees apply. If the payment was sent in a currency different than your wallet currency, we'll charge you a foreign exchange fee.

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