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Protect yourself while gambling online


  • Looking after your own wellbeing when gambling online is important. 

    Playing at your favourite casinos, betting on your sports team, and even playing a round of bingo can be fun. 

    But there are risks associated with gambling online that you need to be aware of. You won’t always win, so taking care of yourself and your money is crucial. 

  • Control your emotions
    Gambling when you’re upset, angry or stressed can lead to poor decision making. If you’re gambling because you feel upset, angry or stressed, we encourage you to seek support.

    Understand the risks
    Any gamble comes with a risk, and some have a higher risk than others. This is known as variance, and games with a high variance mean you’re likely to lose more often.

    Games with high variance require more luck to result in a positive outcome, and they’re much harder to predict. 

    Before you gamble, understand what type of variance a game has, and use your judgement accordingly.

Always keep track

Gambling is exciting, and we can all make snap decisions when we’re excited. 
But these decisions can sometimes have a negative impact when things don’t go our way.

When gambling keep track of the following:

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    Set a limit before you play on how much you want to spend.

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    Set an alarm or timer for how long you want to play before you start.

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    Take a break every now and again, and use it to check your money and time.