How to add my Canadian bank account to my NETELLER account?

This feature is currently not available on the mobile app. Instead, log in to your account from a web browser.

To add a Canadian bank account to your NETELLER account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your NETELLER account and go to the Money Out section
  2. Click Withdraw now under Bank account
  3. Click Add a bank account and select country: Canada
  4. In the first field, enter the SWIFT code of your bank
  5. In the second field, enter a 9-digit combination of your bank's Institution number and Transit number in the following format: 0XXXYYYYY, where:
  • 1st digit: leading zero – 0
  • Digits 2 to 4: your bank’s institution number (3 digits)- e.g., XXX
  • Digits 5 to 9: your bank’s transit number (5 digits) – e.g., YYYYY

In the third field, enter your bank account number. Confirm that you are the named holder of this bank account and click Add & Continue to finish the registration.

Click the image to enlarge it.

If you are unaware of any of your bank account details, please double-check them with your bank before registering your bank account with NETELLER.

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