What are the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® fees?

This article specifically applies for the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® offered in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK. For inquiries regarding the Net+ Virtual Mastercard® offered in Brazil, please refer to the appropriate section.

Most services available with your Net+ Card are free of charge:

  • FREE to pay for goods in shops, restaurants and online.
  • FREE balance enquiries.
  • FREE online statements.
  • FREE PIN-retrieval.

Apart from our annual fee ($10), we only charge for ATM usage (1.75%) and foreign exchange.

We may suspend your card if you fail to pay the annual fee. If this happens, top up your primary account balance. Our system will automatically debit the fee and enable your card within 24 hours.

These fees remain the same whether you are at home or abroad.

Fees may differ or may not apply, depending on a customer's VIP status. You can see a full list of our charges in the Net+ Card section of the NETELLER website.

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