How can I get a refund of my payment?

We can offer refunds on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of payment, the status of your account and other factors.


Depending on the funding method, a refund may be executed to:

  • your credit/debit card: a chargeback. You have the right to request the reversal of a payment from your bank in the case of unauthorized transactions or non-delivered goods/services, thus initiating our chargeback process. This includes both wallet deposits and gateway payments. For more information, please read sections 10.1 & 10.2 of our Terms & Conditions.
  • your bank account: a reversal. Such a deposit may be automatically returned if you didn’t include your customer ID as reference, if you made a cash deposit or if you used another person’s bank account. In such cases, the original amount will be returned to the bank account it was sent from. 

Card refunds usually take up to 7 days to be processed. The timeframe for reversing a bank account deposit depends on the processing bank.


If your card/bank withdrawal is returned by the recipient bank, we’ll automatically credit the amount back to your wallet. The timeframe depends on all involved parties, including the processing banks.

We don’t charge any additional fees for processing a returned withdrawal. However, the amount you receive back may be less than the requested one due to currency conversion and/or processing fees applied by the bank(s).

Withdrawals to crypto wallets are non-refundable.

Transfers to other NETELLER members

NETELLER Money Transfers are considered final and irreversible once the transaction has been fully processed. Please contact the recipient to resolve the issue directly.

If the status is ‘Pending’, you can cancel the transfer from the Transactions section in your account. Check the related articles below for more information.

Merchant payouts/online payments

If you paid for an item or service you didn’t receive, contact the merchant, and ask them for a refund. Check the related articles below for more information.

NETELLER International Money Transfer

Such transfers are non-refundable once the transaction has been processed. Please contact the recipient to resolve the issue directly.

If your payment was declined or is missing, check the related articles below for more information.

Net+ Card purchases

Please contact the merchant directly to request a refund. Keep in mind that the transaction may take 7-30 calendar days to get settled. Check the related articles below for more information.

My account is restricted/permanently closed. How can I get a refund of my balance?

If you have money left in your account, we may offer you a refund depending on your specific case. Usually, we require a copy of your recent bank statement, so it's best if you have it ready to speed up the process. Note that the document should:

  • show your full names and full bank account details (IBAN, bank/sort code etc.);
  • have been issued within the past 90 days;
  • be signed or stamped by your bank.

You can request a refund by clicking on the available channel below and selecting your specific case issue. Our Customer Support agents will do their best to offer you the quickest and most suitable resolution.

Crypto wallet withdrawals are available to selected countries only. To see if this feature is available for you, visit the Money Out section.

The Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® is available only to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries and the UK.

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