How do I withdraw money to Skrill?

This feature is currently not available on the mobile app. Instead, log in to your account from a web browser.

The withdrawal to Skrill option lets you instantly transfer money from your NETELLER account to your Skrill digital wallet

How to withdraw money to Skrill?

  1. Go to the Money out section of your account. 
  2. Click Withdraw Now under Skrill.
  3. Select an available balance to transfer money from, enter the amount, the valid Skrill e-mail address of the recipient, and click Next.
  4. A summary page with your withdrawal information will appear. To finalize your withdrawal, click Confirm. To complete the transaction, enter your Secure ID.

What are the fees and limits?

To review your withdrawal limits, go to the Money out section of your account. Select the withdrawal option you want to use, and you’ll see the applicable limits onscreen. For the withdrawal fee, go to the Money out section of your account or visit our Fees Page.

I haven’t received the withdrawal in my Skrill account. What should I do?

Withdrawals to Skrill are processed instantly. If you have successfully withdrawn money from NETELLER but the transfer doesn’t show up in your Skrill transaction history, contact us via an available channel below.

What to do if I get an error "You cannot send to this recipient"?

Contact the recipient, as such error appears in the following cases:

  • The recipient is not registered. Advise him/ her to register an account.
  • There are restrictions imposed on your or their account. Follow the in-account instructions.

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