Can I use my credit/debit card deposit for gambling? 

Card deposits are the quickest way to top up your NETELLER account.

Every time you make a deposit, we will ask whether you would like to use your deposit for gambling, i.e. betting, casino sites, poker tournaments, etc. If you do, select “Yes”.

Are there any restrictions on the use of my card deposits?

  • Non-gambling funds cannot be used for gambling merchants. Once funds are deposited into your NETELLER balance, their purpose of use cannot be changed, and you will not be able to use them on gambling websites.
  • Money deposited with a credit card can’t be used on UK or Australian gambling sites.
  • UK- and Australian-issued credit cards can’t be used on gambling sites.

Have in mind that Visa® and Mastercard® have different requirements and impose different limitations in terms of gambling transactions. 

Visa® Deposits

Funds deposited with Visa® for gambling purposes can be used for all transaction types and there are no restrictions on their usage.

Money deposited for non-gambling purposes can be used for anything but paying to gambling merchants online.

Mastercard® Deposits

Funds deposited with Mastercard® for gambling purposes can be used for most transaction types, including transfers to selected gambling merchants from this list. Such funds cannot be used for Money Out to crypto wallets, paying non-gambling merchants, or gambling merchants that are not on the list.

Money deposited for non-gambling purposes cannot be used for merchant transfers of any type.

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