What should I do if I can't verify my account?

As a regulated electronic money institution, we're obliged to confirm the details you and other customers registered at our system to ensure proper service delivery. This is done based on the verification documents we request or may request from you as a customer at a certain point from registration.

You should provide any and all information requested from you within three months, or within a later deadline as specified by us. If you fail to reach the respective deadline, we reserve the right to charge your account an administrative fee, as stated in section 4.1.3 of our Policies & Terms.

To avoid service interruptions, we strongly recommend the following:

  • verify your account as soon as possible and don’t wait to reach your transaction limits;
  • ensure your documents meet our requirements;
  • always follow the instructions you see in your account or in emails you receive from NETELLER.

If you willingly refuse to complete the required verification, please contact our Support Team via the available channel below. Note that your account may be closed until you get back to us with a request to complete your verification. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to offer you a refund of your remaining balance via a method determined by the Support Team.

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