Why did my NETELLER International Money Transfer funding fail?

Your NETELLER International Money Transfer may fail during various stages of its processing. The attempt to pay for your transfer may fail – for example, your card issuer might decline your card deposit.

Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank to authorize the payment or retry with a different bank card.
  • If your card is enrolled in 3DS, enter your additional security code provided by your card issuer.
  • Ensure your card details are valid.
  • Ensure you have sufficient balance.

Note: In some cases, your card issuer may reserve the amount for your failed funding attempt from your card even though we have not debited it. When you initiate a NETELLER International Money Transfer, NETELLER sends a debit request to your card issuer (pre-authorization), but we only collect the amount once the transfer is confirmed as successful.

If your payment has failed at the funding step, your card issuer should automatically release the reserved amount back to your card within several days. The timeframe for this varies, so we suggest you contact your bank for more details.

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