What is the difference between a personal and a business account with NETELLER?

At NETELLER, we offer two types of accounts - personal and business - depending on which of the NETELLER services you wish to use. Our fee structure also differs between personal and business accounts.

Personal NETELLER account

You can open a personal account if you're a private individual and will be using NETELLER as a means to pay online or transfer funds between yourself and friends and family. Payments and account management will be in your own names only. Any payment instruments you use, along with the personal details you register, must be also in your names.

To register for a personal account, click here

Business NETELLER account

If you're the owner of a company and wish to use NETELLER as a payment option for your customers, you'll need to open a business account with us.

A business account is registered in the name of a company, and any payments and account management are also in that company’s name. A representative from the company must also be registered to the account. Money In and Money Out payments can be made to and from a bank account held under the representative's name or the company name. 

To register for a business account, click here. If you need any further information about business accounts, please visit our Business FAQ page.

Note: To apply for a business account, you need to own a fully operational website, provide a detailed description of your business and the intended use for your NETELLER account. During the verification process, you'll also be asked to provide an official registration document for your company.

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