How do I update my personal details?

You can view your personal details by logging into your account and going to section Settings > Personal details. If you want to change your address, phone number or email address, log in via web browser and go to the same section. For name and/or date of birth change, you'll first need to have your account fully verified and then contact us. Below you'll find more detailed information:

Address change

You can update your address by clicking the Edit button next to the address you've registered. In case you need to also change your country of residence, you'll need to contact us directly for assistance. We may also request that you send us a proof of your new address. 

Phone number change

To update your phone number, click the Edit button next to your current number. Once you type in your new number (including the country code), we'll send you a 6-digit verification code via SMS to your current number to confirm you're the account holder. Note that the code is valid for 15 minutes only. We'll then send a new verification code to your new number.

In case you don't receive the code, click 'Send new code' and wait for a few minutes. If you still don't receive it, check whether you have network reception and whether your mobile operator allows you to receive SMS. 

Email address change

You can change your email address by first adding a new one to your account. To do this, click the 'Add an email address' button; the new email will now be added as a secondary email address to your account. To make it primary, click the Verify button next to it, confirm the 6-digit verification code we'll send to the new email and then click Make primary.

Name change

We can help you change the name on your NETELLER account if you misspelled it upon registration or if you legally changed it. Simply contact us via one of the available contact channels below; in case of legal name change, send us a document proving the change.

Date of birth change

In case you typed your date of birth incorrectly upon registration, you'll need to first complete your account verification by providing a valid ID and any other documents that may be requested.

If your account is already verified but your date of birth wasn't corrected, contact us via the available channels below and prepare your valid ID, so we can verify your details faster.

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