What is the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard®?

This article specifically applies for the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® offered in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK. For inquiries regarding the Net+ Virtual Mastercard® offered in Brazil, please refer to the appropriate section.

The Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® is a reloadable, prepaid card that you can use at over 35 million locations worldwide. It is directly linked to your NETELLER account, so you have instant access to your funds anytime, anywhere. If you don`t have a NETELLER account yet, signing up is easy, simply visit our registration page.

How can I top up my Net+ card?

Simply sign in to your NETELLER account, visit the Money In section and choose a convenient payment method. The Net+ card is directly linked to your wallet`s primary currency. Once you have an available balance, you can instantly spend it using your card.

Where can I use the physical Net+ card?

The Net+ card is available for the following transaction types anywhere Mastercard®: 

  • Payments on physical POS terminals
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Online payments – this includes both one-time payments and subscriptions (i.e., transactions set to recur automatically on a weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. basis)
  • Payments with a Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet after you add your Net+ card to such

The Net+ card cannot be used for:

  • Purchases with cashback, where you receive an amount back in cash over the counter.
  • Manually keyed-in transactions, where the cashier enters your card details manually in the POS terminal and attempts to charge your card for payment such as mail/phone orders or car rentals. 

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